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Are you a Candidate?
Are you a Candidate?

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Our seminars last approximately 90 minutes. While registering for a seminar, any guests you wish to bring can be signed up at the same time. It is encouraged for friends and loved ones, who may also be suffering from chronic pain, to attend. All of those who attend will be given the opportunity to receive substantial savings on this state-of-the-art treatment.

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Simply call our office at 844-ME-AGAIN (632-4246) to reserve your seat(s) or Contact Us for more information.

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I'm a different person.

I am diabetic and my blood sugar has improved and I can sleep through the night. Before, the pain would wake me up and I would have to get up and take more pills and that effects your body. Now I am sleeping through the night, which is a blessing because you know I'm not a doctor but they say when you sleep, you heal. The progress that I've had in the short amount of time I feel good and I expect to feel better. The pain is tremendously better, it's under control and my blood sugar seems to be a lot improved. To me I should be close to 8 right now and I would say I am probably 2? Maybe 3 if I want some sympathy. This I feel is my solution because I'm sleeping and I'm not taking drugs. I'm a different person. I feel better; when you feel better, you have a different attitude.

Kamiah, Idaho

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