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Are you a Candidate?

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Our seminars last approximately 90 minutes. While registering for a seminar, any guests you wish to bring can be signed up at the same time. It is encouraged for friends and loved ones, who may also be suffering from chronic pain, to attend. All of those who attend will be given the opportunity to receive substantial savings on this state-of-the-art treatment.

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Simply call our office at 844-ME-AGAIN (632-4246) to reserve your seat(s) or Contact Us for more information.

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It's really made a difference.

I couldn't walk through the Seattle airport, it's a long walk between terminals and I had to ask for wheelchair assistance and that was pretty traumatic for me. What is wrong with me that I can'e even walk that distance. So just to be able to move is an incredible thing. I had the injection directly in my knee, the injection is not a big deal. I think after a couple of months I could see enough improvement that I thought it would be helpful to do this again simply because I was having hip pain and neck pain also on that right side. So it was just really a good choice for me and I am so glad I did, it has really made a difference. I would definitely recommend it.

Cathy D

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View some of the frequently asked questions we’ve received from our patients. If you don't see an answer to your question, please give us a call at 844-ME-AGAIN (632-4246)

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