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 Dr Morteza Farr

Dr. Morteza Farr

Dr. Farr is a board certified orthopedic surgeon that has been in practice for 17 years, and holds seven patents regarding minimally invasive orthopedic procedures. He served as a Navy Reserve Officer for seven years, and served during Operation Iraqi Freedom for one year. His goal has always been to improve orthopedic care and treatment, and has focused on minimally invasive procedures. 

"I have continued to educate myself on all the latest procedures and available research to provide you, my patients, with the best care available. My research has taken me into a new field of medicine called Regenerative Medicine, and more specifically Stem Cell Therapy. I see this as the future of medicine. Stem Cell Therapy will provide me with one more fantastic alternative to surgery, and in many circumstances, get my patients back to a great quality of life without some of the risks involved with surgery and the need for pain medications."

Dr. Farr is an athlete and since high school as been involved in volleyball, soccer and wrestling. His hobbies include mountain biking and motorcycle racing. He has had his share of injuries over the years, and has always been looking for something that can improve the lives of people who suffer from orthopedic injuries.


Akram Esmaeili, PA-C

Akram Esmaeili, PA-C

Board certified Physician Assistant and Surgical Assistance

After receiving bachelor in Nursing, Akram continued her education by attending Western Michigan University where she obtained her Masters degree in medicine and Physician assistant certification with honor in 1998.

She has been practicing Orthopedic medicine since 2000. Akram provides orthopedic and spine care under direct supervision of Dr. Farr.

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