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Stem Cell Centers is a network of the country’s top regenerative medicine doctors.

Together, we provide standardized care based on researched protocols that are proven to work – our patients have a much better chance of getting better and healing.

The company is also setting up IRB studies (Institutional Review Board also known as the Independent Ethics Committee). We will be using the industry gold standard of a double-blinded placebo study for the 4 conditions we currently treat. The company will share the outcomes and protocols of any successful studies with the entire field of Regenerative Medicine clinics around the globe.

We have multiple locations across the country with many more coming soon. You’ll be glad to know that we retain protocol consistency within all our clinics.  That means that along with a successful treatment, you’ll find care, respect, and understanding regardless of which clinic you visit. So if you refer a friend or loved one to one of our Stem Cell Centers, they’ll be sure to receive the same great care as you did.

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