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Cardiac / Pulmonary

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Cardiac conditions refer to complications with the heart and are most common amongst older generations. Pulmonary conditions on the other hand, can affect anyone of any age. This is especially true if you or someone you know is suffering from asthma – which is prevalent amongst many children.

Cardiac and pulmonary conditions are not taken lightly at Stem Cell Centers. We know that those who come to see us are looking for real solutions. If you’ve been living with asthma, recovering from a heart attack or battling congestive heart failure or lung disease, then stem cell therapy can help. Learn more about each condition below. 


The benefits of stem cell therapy for Cardiac / Pulmonary

The simple rhythmic pattern of our breathing or our hearts beating can often be taken for granted. It’s easy to forget that the cardiac and pulmonary functions that come so naturally to us might not be so natural for others. Stem Cell Centers may be able to help those who are suffering by making these simple processes and functions more seamless – the way they should be! 

Research in this Field:

It's our passion and everything we do in this field is focused on producing the best possible patient outcomes. Not all stem cell procedures are created equal:

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